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Moving to the mountains

The last four months for my family have been filled with chaos. The holidays have  been a big contributor with a good month of dinners and family get togethers which I absolutely love. But the biggest factor has been embracing a huge new change for us.

The biggest consumption of our time the last 4 months had been spent trying to buy a house. Not just a house, but my dream property! The house is a little run down and is in need of some updating. But with a little TLC it will be a wonderful place for my family to call home. 

Oddly enough it wasn’t the house that my husband and I were drawn to, but the land and barn. Five acres with established trees, fencing and a 2400 square foot barn. What’s not to love when you’re an inspired farmer!

For three years we talked about moving to a property with plenty of land to follow our desire to farm and homestead. I loved my home, but trying to be self reliant on .25 acre was challanging (possible but challanging). I’m sure more so for my neighbors than anything. I’m so sorry you guys had to put up with our farm attempt. Once we spotted our future home though, we decided it was time to take a chance. 

We moved from a desert climate with an elevation of around 4500ft to low mountains with an elevation of around 6800ft. It’s a pretty big difference. More land comes with more snow, more cold, more rain and cooler summers. Not to mention a complete different growing environment and a handful of new predators to watch out for.Now fast forward a few months and we are settled and moved in. The WHOLE family. As in chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, rabbits, dogs and two potbelly pigs, and we all couldn’t be happier. The animals have the entire barn and almost .25 acre of pasture to roam. They now have a home the size of my previous property. As of right now it’s covered in snow, but come Spring it will be full pasture. No more bland bagged food for my chickens…in 3 months…hopefully.

As with all my farming, trial and error will be my biggest teacher when it comes to learning my new home environment. I could not be more excited to finally farm without space restrictions. To actually say, “Hey, I have a farm” and not “Hey, I have .25 acre with lots of animals and a backyard that consists mainly of a garden”. A silly dream to some, but a world of endless possibilities for my family and I.


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